Salvia Gris

Salvia Gris
Sonic Arts Composition
Published by Hemisphare Nokukyo
July 13, 2020
Collaboration with Bruno Duplant

Listen/Purchase here

“…it is a vision to hear more than a vision to see. That is why I asked you to deal with impersonal matters. Usually, when the question is about people, your longing to touch them or talk to them is too strong, and the (…) sorcery will be dispelled. You should know much more than you do now before trying to see things that concern you personally. Next time you must listen carefully”.

The teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castañeda


Here we have three new releases by Hemisphare Nokukyo from Australia and these three are different excursions into the world of field recordings. The first is a long-distance collaboration between Parijs (Bruno Duplant) and Colombia (David Velez) and it comes with a quote from “The teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castañeda”. Like so often with releases of this kind of nature, it is not easy to say what these field recordings are; at best I would try for “street sounds” and “nature”, hearing both cars, fans and birds. Whatever kind of processing is applied and the compositional approach is taken, is also not easy to say. It could all be very analogue, or very digital; from taped to (t)rusty cassettes and Dictaphones to computer processing. One thing is clear: it is put together by making sure that most times you will hear a lot of sounds interacting with each other. It is never quiet and there is always something buzzing and flicking around, crackling, droning, sparkling. The second side reminded me of the rain forest (or at least, my idea of it), with crickets, birds and delicate feedback sounds, whereas in the first there is a more urban feel. I might be wrong, as always. I did enjoy the more conceptual approach this had (even when I am not entirely sure what the approach is) and how it worked out: just another fine release with field recordings that sounded considerable lo-fi (but maybe it is not lo-fi at all)
-Vital Weekly

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