La casa suena

La casa suena /
The sounding house

Sonic art exhibition
Auditum sound art festival
Explora Museum
Medellin, Col – August 2020
In alliance with
Auditum (Col)
Explora Museum (Col)

The sounding house is a digital curatorial project commissioned by auditum and Parque Explora Museum which invites the listeners to reinterpretate their houses with 11 sonic art pieces created to be activated using mobile phones. The pieces aim to put everyday objects, spaces and actions in resonance.

auditum website

Listen to the exhibited pieces here

Artists invited

Alma Laprida (Arg)
Beatriz E. Diaz (Col)
Supriya Nagarajan (Ind – UK)
Ana María Estrada Z. (Chi)
Kate Carr (Aus – UK)
Xareni Lizarraga (Mex – USA)
Gil Sansón (Ven)
Monty Adkins (UK)
María Leguizamo (Col)
Bruno Duplant (Fra)

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