BONESSound Installation Produced with The Making Space and The Media CentreInstallation: Transducers and Ready Made materials Presente in The Media … More

Singing in the Dark

Singing in the DarkHorticultural Sound Installation, Performance and WorkshopIn collaboration with Ruchi Singh (performance and installation) and Duncan Chapman (installation)Comissioned … More

Performance for Autumn Plants

Performance for Autumn PlantsHortiacoustics performanceThe Beetroot Collective Clayton Fields AllotmentsHuddersfield, UKIn alliance withThe Making Space (UK) and Temporary Contemporary (UK) … More

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective DisorderSculpture2021Beet juice and glass jarsCreated for the Beetroot Collective Exhibition Seasonal Affective Disorder This piece reflects on the … More

One Last Perfect Day

Un último día perfectoCreated between 2019 and 2021 and exhibited in the MAMM (Medellin Modern Art Museum) under the curatorship … More


TurmericMulti-platform piece (CD, book, workshops)UK 2019-2021Marginal FrequencyRelease:Summer 2021 Supriya Nagarajan (voice) India / UKMaria Sappho (piano and objects) USA / … More