Poetry shouting in the market

Poetry shouting in the market
Sound art performance in public space
Dewsbury open market,
Kirklees – February 2020
In alliance with
Kirklees Markets (UK)
Brice Catherin
Henry McPherson
Maria Sapphot
David Vélez

Poetry shouting in the market is a public space performance where four artists shout poetry pieces by diverse authors and perform together with the pitching traders in Dewsbury Market. Market shouting is an important acoustic tradition that is facing obsolescence because of noise regulations and, as artists, we want to resignify it by using this technique to recite literature out loud in crowded food markets and involve the traders in sonic art production.Based on an idea developed by David Vélez as part of his PhD in Music in the University of Huddersfield.Special thanks to Eileen Daysh for her support.

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