Habitat Sonoro is the artistic project of sound artist, composer, performer, researcher and curator David Vélez who works between the UK and Colombia.

David is currently a PhD candidate in the University of Huddersfield, UK in the program o Music and Technology

In my work I enquiry about the relationships that we can establish with our environment through the mediation of sound where listening emerges as an aesthetic action and as a receptive, attentive and affective position. Currently my work focuses on the sounds of kitchens and market places with a special interest is the culinary identity of communities and individuals who face some type of uprooting, displacement or abuse, where the flavours, smells and sounds of their recipes emerge as a device of resistance against phenomena such as gentrification, discrimination and violence. In my work, the artistic practice with sound aims to establish aesthetic and theoretical autonomy from music and visual art.

My work is based on the action of listening, recording and decontextualization of sound, as well as on the appropriation of ethnographic methodologies where the creation processes are a collective endeavour. The results of this practice can be heard in field recording compositions, public space installations and multi-sensorial cooking performances .

David Vélez has collaborated and curated works by:

Felipe Rodríguez (Col)
Pedro Leitáo (Por)
Supriya Nagarajan (Ind – UK)
Ruchi Singh (India)
Cyanching Wu (Taiwan – UK)
Colink Frank (Canada)
Maria Sapho (USA)
Colin McPherson (UK)
Brice Catherin (Fra)
Kate Carr (Aus – UK)
Monty Adkins (UK)
Beatriz E. Diaz (Col)
María Leguizamo (Col)
Ana María Estrada Z. (Chi)
Alma Laprida (Arg)
Gil Sansón (Ven)
Andy Graydon (USA)
Keneth Kirschner (USA)
Gabi Losoncy (USA)
Pablo Reche (Argentina)
Dallas Simpson (UK)
Luis Antero (Portugal)
John Collins McComrick (USA)

Bruno Duplant (Fra)
Xareni Lizarraga (Mex – USA)
Cleyda Murillo (Col)
Celeste Betancour (Col)
Camilo Cantor (Col)
Ryoko Akama (Jap – UK)
Jorge Boehringer (USA – UK)
Viola Yip (HK)
Nicola Hein (Ger)
Christian Castro (Chi – Ita)
Madi Castro (Col)
Juan Cortés (Col)
Daniel Castellanos (Col)
Richard Garet (USA)
Marc Behnrens (Ger)
Miguel Isaza (Col)
Phil Maguire (UK)
Una Lee (Korea)
A.J. Holmes (UK)
Darius Ciuta (Lith)
Rolando Hernandez (Mex)
Darren McClure (Ire – Jap)
DJ Fresh (Col)

Ricardo Arias (Col)
Nils Ostendorf (Ger)
Santiago Botero (Col)
Byron Westbrook (USA)
AF Cortés (Col – USA)
Benjamin Calais (Col)
Al Margolis (USA)
Katherine Liberovskya (USA)
Phill Niblock (USA)
Carrie Schneider (USA)
Alejandro Henao (Col)
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (India)
Chris Lynn (USA)
Enrico Coniglio (Ita)
Jeph Jerman (Guam)
Rodolphe Alexis (Fra)
Frederic Nogray (Fra)
Seth Cooke (UK)
Christopher McFall (USA)
Jay Dea Lopez (Aus)
Philip Sulidae (Aus)
and many others…