We Never Cook for One, We Never Eat Alone

We Never Cook for One, We Never Eat Alone
Audio Paper
Published by Field Notes – Gruenrekorder
February 2023

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This audio paper presents sound documentation following the preparation of traditional Taiwanese recipes cooked by artist Cyanching Wu (TW) in London. A complementing article will provide tools to understand and appreciate the recordings and their context. Featured in Gruenrekorder’s Field Notes Journal,

(Food’s) disintegration in the stomach, its assimilation in the blood, its diaphoresis in the epidermis, its metempsychosis in the large intestine; its viscosity in okra, gumbo, oysters; its elasticity in jellies; its deliquescence in blancmanges; its tumescence in the throats of serpents, its slow erosion in the bellies of sharks; its Odysseys through pastures, orchards, wheat fields, stock- yards, supermarkets, kitchens (…)

– Maud Ellmann, 1993: 112

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