Peripheral Ethnography

Peripheral Ethnography

Peripheral Ethnography: An intersubjective cartography of Huddersfield
Experimental and new music compilation / curatorship
Huddersfield 2020

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This compillation presents works by Jorge Boehringer, James Bradbury, David Vélez, Brutalust, Brice Catherin and Eleanor Cully Boehringer created, performed or produced in 2020 in Huddersfield

Peripheral Ethnography

What is the connection between sharing social spaces, collaborating and doing anthropological research? To address this question, I curated this eclectic collection of pieces created by fellow artists with whom we shared spaces of social gathering, academic discussion, sound creation and/or interdisciplinary collaboration. We all lived in Hudderseld between 2019 and 2020 when these pieces were either performed, composed or produced, but none of us was indigenous. We were all foreigners in this small town known for the music and sonic arts program of the University of Hudderseld and for hosting HCMF. As a curator, it interests me how our experience in Hudderseld reects on these pieces either in an unconscious or in a deliberate way. After all, Hudderseld is a connecting line that holds this diverse and dissimilar collection of pieces together. As Eduardo Viveiros de Castro writes, the outputs of contemporary anthropology and ethnography are co-authored pieces in which the researcher receives an image (sound) in which they is unable to recognize themself. As a curator and creative artist, the boundaries between artistic research and everyday experience are blurry; and this is an idea that I want to articulate in this project in collaboration with these six artists through sonic arts, improvisation, contemporary and experimental music.

This compilation presents Hudderseld in its periphery navigating through the events and spaces in which sonic arts and experimental music marginally permeate the local community and their cultural identity.

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